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Radiate sophistication and class with a stunning knitted cowl. We’ve prepared a lovely cowl to pair nicely on any dress or casual getup. so why not give this free cowl knitting pattern a go?

Download the pattern from the Knit Picks website.

Annie Cowl – A Vivid and Eye-Catching Cowl

This free knitting pattern is ideal for Level 3 - Easy Level KnittersText area which says "Free Knitting Pattern : Annie Cowl – A Vivid and Eye-Catching Cowl," followed by woman wearing a knitted purple cowl

Designed by Danna Rachel Cauthern, this stylish accessory is knitted in the round, perfect for knitters who would like to try their hands on a knit in the round project.

The knitting pattern also comes in both written and chartered directions so you can choose whichever form of instruction you are comfortable following.

The cowl comes in 2 sizes, the short variant measures approximately 30 inches in circumference and the long one is about 40 inches. In metric measurements, that is 76 cm and 101.5 cm respectively.

Using Knit Picks’ Chroma Worsted Yarn, it is knitted using US9 circular knitting needles. That is 5.5 mm needles, if you are using the metric system.

There are several notable knitting abbreviations in this pattern. These are the k2tog, sk2p, and yo knitting abbreviations. They are common features on knitting patterns and it is important that you add them to your knitting lexicon.

K2tog or Basic Right-Slanting decrease is necessary if you like to reduce the number of working stitches. To learn more about this decrease method, we have a step-by-step tutorial you may like. Check it out here: Basic Right-Slanting Decrease (k2tog).

Yo or open yarnover increase is required if you’d like to add extra stitches, you can find a detailed tutorial about this increase technique here: Learn The Open Yarnover Increase (YO).

The sk2p is the abbreviation for Slip, Knit 2 together, Pass. It is a left-leaning, double-decrease. If you want to learn more about this decrease method, check out the detailed tutorial here: Learn The SK2P Decrease

You can download the FREE knitting pattern for this lovely cowl here: Annie Cowl

In addition, you can purchase the recommended yarn through this link: Knit Picks’ Chroma Worsted Yarn

Unfortunately, this pattern is no longer availble

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