FREE Knitting Patterns

Try Out Some Great FREE Knitting Patterns At Your Skill Level!

Our FREE Knitting Patterns’ category provides a directory of carefully curated knitting patterns. In fact, the directory contains patterns for knitters at all knitting skill levels.

There are many different skill levels in knitting. Unfortunately, you will find that the knitting pattern classifications often vary widely from website to website.

Therefore, we have carefully gone through each pattern and categorized it according to these 6 knitting skill levels:

  • Level 1: Beginner (suitable for complete beginners)
  • Level 2: Confident beginners
  • Level 3: Easy
  • Level 4: Intermediate
  • Level 5: Moderately challenging
  • Level 6: Challenging

So, whether you are a beginner knitter or an experienced knitter, you should be able find a pattern that is suitable for your skill level.

In addition, wherever possible, we are also supporting the FREE Knitting Patterns by linking to wide range our step-by-step knitting tutorials.

Furthermore, for each pattern we have also tried to find at least one place where you can find the recommended yarn.