Knitting Abbreviations

All You Need To Know About Knitting Abbreviations

Nothing is more frustrating than coming across a knitting abbreviation in the middle of a pattern and not knowing what it means…

Commonly, most knitting patterns will give you an overview of the knitting abbreviations used in the pattern.

However, even with the abbreviation clarified, you may not be sure what to do. For instance, if a pattern tells you to slip 1 – how do you know whether you should slip knitwise or purlwise?

To remedy this frustration, we have created an extensive glossary over the most commonly used knitting abbreviations which should help you demystify the terms you can find in knitting patterns.

In fact, our extensive knitting abbreviation glossary is fully interactive. This should make it quick and easy for you to find the abbreviation that you are looking for.

In addition, wherever possible, we have also included links from the glossary to detailed knitting tutorials.

It is super easy to use the interactive glossary. For instance, you can search for the abbreviation in the search field.

Alternatively, you can just click on the alphabetic letters and find the abbreviation that you are looking for that way.

Sometimes symbols like * are used in knitting patterns. You can find a list of the most commonly used symbols by clicking on the # in the glossary.

So, why not check out our interactive knitting abbreviation glossary below?
Have you come across an abbreviation that we have not included? Please email us at and we will endeavor to include it as soon as possible.