Knitting Stitch Patterns

Unleash the Designer in You and Experiment with Some New Knitting Stitch Patterns!

Knitting Stitch Patterns are one of the many fun aspects of knitting and every knitter should have access to a good Knitting Stitch Library.

Knitting is a bit like cooking. Some people stick to recipes they find online or in cookery books. Others love experimenting by adding to recipes or changing them completely.

Knitters are just the same. Many a knitter stick to the knitting patterns they find online or in magazines or even books. Other knitters are more adventurous and adapt the patterns to their taste or needs.

Our Stitch Library contains endless inspiration for knitters at all skill levels. The pattern samples range from the most basic knit-purl stitches to a variety of different textured fabrics.

For instance, there are hundreds of ways to combine just knits and purls. In fact, you will be surprise how easy it is swap out a simple stockinette stitch pattern with one of the many basic knit and purl stitch combinations we have included.

Or why not make a sampler cushion cover or afghan by combining a variety of stitch patterns from the Stitch Library?

If you are more adventurous or more experienced knitter, why not try out some elaborate cable designs or delicate lace knitting stitches?

Love colors? Our Slip Stitch and Mosaic Category showcases stitch patterns where you only have to knit one color at the time. This great technique excludes many of issues you encounter when knitting fair isle or stranded knitting…

Hopefully, this array of different Knit Stitch Patterns will inspire you to try out designing your own knitted pieces – go ahead and unleash the designer within!