Bind-Off Tutorials

You have finally finished your knitting project. Now it is time to Bind Off (BO). Our FREE Bind-Off Tutorials are just the ticket.

You have probably spent a lot of time on your knitting project and cannot wait to finish it. However, it is important to resist the urge to just get it done.

Just like the cast-on edge can make or break a knitting project, so can the bind-off. So, please take the time to bind off correctly with the most appropriate bind-off method.

For instance, a firm bind off will keep things from stretching and are perfect for seams.

Conversely, if your knitting project is a toe-up sock, you probably want to use an elastic bind-off.

Furthermore, for a lace shawl you will probably need a bind-off edge that has some stretch in it.

All our bind-off tutorials contain information about the characteristics of a particular bind-off. In addition, you will also find information about its ideal uses.

So, why not check out our Bind-Off Tutorials and find the best bind-off technique for your knitting project?