Knit and Purl Stitches

With just combination of Knit and Purl stitches, you can form lovely knitting stitch patterns.

In fact, by just combining knits and purls, you can create stitch patterns that range from basic to highly sophisticated.

And best of all, most Knit and Purl patterns work up very quickly making them ideal for both beginner knitters as well as more experienced knitters.

To show a design off to its best advantage, any knit-purl design should be firm and solid. That means it is super important to get your gauge right.

Furthermore, to do justice to a knit-purl pattern, solid colors work best.

You can roughly divide patterns based on only Knit and Purl stitches into 3 different categories: rib, welt and scatter patterns.

In addition, many knit-purl patterns do not have a specific right or wrong side. This make them perfect for knitting projects that have two public sides, such as scarfs, cowls and blankets.