Waterfall Yarnover Stitch Pattern [FREE Knitted Stitch Pattern]

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This Waterfall Yarnover Stitch Pattern is a beautiful stitch pattern that is surprisingly easy to knit.

The stitch pattern creates vertical columns of lace that can be interpreted as water cascading.

Not only does this yarnover stitch pattern look gorgeous, it looks very impressive as well. However, looks can be deceptive…

In fact, all you need to do to create this delightful pattern is to combine knits and purls with yarnovers and k2tog over 6 rows.

Furthermore, you can easily put your own stamp on the design by varying the number of purls between each motif. Just remember to change the multiples accordingly.

For example, if you want to reduce the number of purl stitches between each stitch column to 2 purls, your multiple should be 5 plus 2. This is instead of the multiple of 6 plus 3 that the pattern calls for.

This incredible yarnover stitch pattern is great for lace blankets, shawls as well as scarves.

This free knit stitch pattern is ideal for Level 3 - Easy Level Knitters

Techniques Needed for the Waterfall Yarnover Stitch Pattern

Abbreviation                       Description                               Tutorial

k                                                   knit                                                    Knit Stitch Continental Style 
                                                                                                                  Knit Stitch English Style

p                                                   purl                                                   Purl Stitch Continental Style
                                                                                                                 Purl Stitch English Style

yo                                                yarnover                                          Open Yarnover Increase

p2tog                                        purling 2 stitches                        Purled Right-Slanting Decrease

k2tog                                         knitting 2 stitches                      Basic Right-Slanting Decrease 

Other Abbreviations Used

ws                                               wrong side

rs                                                 right side

rep                                              repeat

st(s)                                            stitch(es)

Instructions (Knitted Flat)

Multiple of 6 sts plus 3.

Row 1 (WS): K3, * p3, k3; rep from *.

Row 2: P3, * k3, yo, p3; rep from *.

Row 3: K3, * p4, k3; rep from *.

Row 4: P3, * k1,  k2 tog, yo, k1, p3;  rep from *.

Row 5: K3, * p2 tog, k3; rep from *.

Row 6: P3, * k1,  yo,  k2 tog, p3;  rep from *.

Repeat rows 1-6 until you have reached the desired length.

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