6 Things To Keep In Mind and Have A Great Virtual Knitting Time!

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With COVID-19 and things changing by the minute, you may find that virtual knitting is next. And you are right; knitting with your friends does not need to happen in person all the time! Finding ways to knit with your friends and other people virtually can be a great way to relax and cope with stress.

If you are looking to have a virtual knitting gathering, party, or group, then you must have some things in mind for the process to go smoothly. It will not take long before you get this event started, and soon enough, you will be an expert at virtual knitting parties!

Here are the 6 things to keep in mind to have a great virtual knitting time

Tip #1: Plan ahead 

Before you can start doing anything, you will need to ask yourself, how much time do I have? Sometimes we tend to underestimate what is happening and overbook activities. Even in quarantine, some people get overwhelmed at times at how much screen time they are getting every day.

To prevent burnout and errors, be sure to check your schedule. Find a day, whether it is once a month, twice a month, every week, or once a year, but choose that day and set the time aside. Once you know you have it scheduled, there is no way to make mistakes.

You can then make a list of people to invite or where to post the invitation. Some have a knitting group that used to meet in person and can now transfer to virtual. Others are looking to make new friends and feel better at posting on social media or forums. Finally, some have a small group of friends that they knit with, and they only want to gather with them for virtual knitting.

Tip #2: Decide which platform to use  

Now that you are on your way to scheduling the virtual knitting meet, you must choose what platform to hold it on. Is it going to be Zoom? Google Meet? Skype? Microsoft Teams? There are many choices these days, and choosing the right one can be hard. Be sure to ask other possible attendees what they prefer, or check out options on the Internet before you decide.

Keep in mind too that some platforms have a time limit or ask for a membership fee. This could affect how you decide which platform to go for as well as who will likely show up.

Tip #3: Choose a virtual knitting project to work on 

If you are virtual knitting, it can be hard to plan what project to make ahead of time. When you are trying out a knitting group that works on the same thing at the same time, you may want to have a poll and decide with plenty of time.

Instead, if you knit alone, and are now starting to knit in groups, you may need to work out a plan for yourself. Give yourself enough time to buy the yarn, the tools, and anything that you may need. You should also consider how much attention you will give to this project since can get distracted by conversation and other people in the group.

Tip #4: Drink and eat something to make it more fun! 

Sometimes virtual meetings can get boring quickly, particularly if no one is talking or people are shy at first. To break the ice and make the virtual knitting time more fun, encourage people to have a drink of their choice, such as coffee, tea, wine, or beer! Why not have some snacks nearby, like popcorn, hummus, or cheese and crackers? You will see that once people start talking about their favorite drinks and foods, things will flow easily.

Tip #5: Share your virtual knitting projects on social media 

While you may not want strangers to join your virtual knitting meet, you can make your friends more comfortable by sharing what you are working on your social media. If you do want to attract new people, then this is also a great way to have more engagement.

Be sure to snap a picture of your latest knitting adventure, and share it on your social media profiles with a time and date for a meet. You can also just share what you are working on to get advice or ideas for your next project.

Tip #6: Make a group chat or email chain

One final point to keep your virtual knitting time fun and pleasure is to get everyone connected. By creating a group chat or introducing everyone by email, you will allow people to get to know each other and bond. You can also start the conversation by sharing pictures of your knitting and comment on problems you have or fun questions.

Soon enough, everyone in the group will know each other, and will be more than happy to spend an hour here and there together to knit!

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