Victorian Lace Cap [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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This appealing Victorian lace cap will be perfect for sunny walks at the beach. It features a lightweight and breezy design that will nicely pair with your summer getup.

The pattern for this knitted cap can be found on the KnitPicks’ website.

Victorian Lace Cap – A Delightfully Breezy Lace Cap

Victorian Lace Cap
This free knitting pattern is ideal for Level 4 - Intermediate Level Knitters

Brought to you by the creatives at KnitPicks design team, this knit hat is worked from a lace chart and is a perfect project for knitters with intermediate skills.

The pattern comes in a single size and once done, measures approximately 18 inches in circumference when unstretched. However, it is stretchy enough to fit a head with circumference of 20-22 inches.

In metric units, the hat has a circumference of about 45.5 cm and can stretch to 50.5 cm – 60 cm.

To make the hat, you will need KnitPicks’ Comfy Worsted Yarn. It is a soft and easy care worsted weight yarn that is made up of 75% Pima cotton and 25% acrylic. The yarn is simply perfect for making stylish garments and accessories, like this hat we’re making.

You will also need a size US 6 and US 7 circular or double-pointed knitting needle. That’s a 4 mm and 4.5 mm needle if you are using the metric system.

Moreover, you will be utilizing the k2tog and ssk knitting decreases when working this project.

The k2tog or knitting two stitches together is a basic right slanting decrease that is pretty common throughout knitting patterns. We have a fully illustrated tutorial for this decrease if you want to learn it. Find it here: Basic Right Slanting Decrease (K2tog).

The ssk or slip one, slip one, knit two together is a basic left-slanting decrease that is often a pair to the k2tog. We have a tutorial for it as well if you want to learn it. You can find this here: Basic Left Slanting Decrease (SSK).

Download Pattern

You can download the FREE knitting pattern for this beautiful hat here: Victorian Lace Cap Pattern.

In addition, you can purchase the recommended yarn here: Comfy Worsted Yarn.

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