Spring Knitted Jacket [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Knit this Spring Knitted Jacket to stay warm and comfy during the cold season. It makes for a delightful gift idea for relatives and friends on any occasion.

You can get the pattern for this stylish jacket from the Garn Studio website.

Spring Knitted Jacket – A Stylish And Chic Jacket

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This free knitting pattern is ideal for Level 4 - Intermediate Level Knitters

From the talented designers of the Garn Studio design team, this knit piece is perfect for intermediate skilled knitters to work on.

Moreover, this project is available in six sizes. Once finished, the chest measurements are 42 1/2”-46 1/2”-49 1/2”-53 1/2”-56 1/2”-63 3/4” inches. That’s 108-118-126-136-154-162 cm if you prefer to use the metric system.

The full length is  25 1/4″-26″-26 3/4″-27 1/2″-38 3/8”-29 1/8” inches. That’s 64-66-68-70-72-74 cm if you prefer to use metric.

To make this pattern you will need the DROPS Melody, It is a gorgeous and remarkably soft chunky weight yarn made from 71% Alpaca, 25% Wool, 4% Polyamide fibers. It’s the perfect yarn for Garments, Accessories, and home projects.

Techniques Used

You will be using the YO or open yarnover increase when you make this project. The open yarnover increase is an increase technique commonly used on lace patterns. It is a standalone, vertical increase, meaning it neither leans to the left nor to the right.

If you’re not familiar with the open yarnover increase and would like to learn how to do it, we have a fully illustrated, step-by-step tutorial for it you’ll surely find helpful. You can find this tutorial here: Learn the Open Yarnover Increase (YO).

Finally, as you come to finish the pattern, you will have to bind off, which gives your fabric a smooth, attractive edge.

If you like to learn how to do a basic bind-off, you can check out our step-by-step tutorial for the Standard Bind-Off. It is the most common way to finish off your project. You can find the tutorial here: Learn How To Do A Basic Bind-Off.

Download Pattern

You can download the FREE knitting pattern for this piece here: Spring Knitted Jacket Pattern

In addition, you can purchase the recommended yarn through this link here: DROPS Melody

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