Learn How To Do The Slingshot Position [FREE Knitting Tutorial]

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Just like the Slip Knot, the Slingshot Position is used for many cast-on techniques. Therefore, we suggest that you make it part of your basic knitting skill set.

In fact, the most common cast-on technique that starts with the Slingshot Position, is the Long-Tail Cast On.

This cast-on technique is the “go-to” cast on for many knitters, so we would suggest that you add it to your arsenal of knitting skills.

If you are not familiar with this cast-on method, you can find the tutorial for it here: Long-Tail Cast On Knitting Tutorial.

Before you can get into the Slingshot Position, you need to “anchor” the yarn on your knitting needle. 

One way of doing this is by first making a Slip Knot. If you are not familiar with making a slip knot, you might find this tutorial here useful: Making a Slip Knot

Not everyone likes the little bump that a slip knot leaves in your cast-on edge. A good alternative is then just to twist the yarn around your needle before you get into the slingshot position.

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Step-by-Step Slingshot Position Tutorial

Create a slip knot and slip your knitting needle through it.

Slingshot Position Tutorial Step 1: Left hand tightening slip knot on the right-hand needle.



Holding the needle with your right hand, insert your index and thumb between the two strands of yarn hanging from the needle. Make sure that the tail end of the yarn (marked in red) is over your thumb and the working yarn (marked in green) over your index finger.

Slingshot Position Tutorial Step 2: Left index and thumb inserted between the loose yarn of a slip knot on a knitting needle.



Using your remaining fingers, grasp the end of the yarn in the palm of your hand. Then pull it with your thumb and forefinger pointing up and back. The yarn should look like a slingshot.

Slingshot Position Tutorial Step 3: Left thumb and index finger lifting the loose yarn of a slip knot attached to a knitting needle.

You are now ready to start casting on your stitches. We suggest you try out the Long-Tail Cast On.

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