Ribbed Hat Knitting Pattern [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Go out in style with a colorful and vibrant knitted hat. We’ve prepared a Ribbed hat knitting pattern so you can start creating a fashionable hat for yourself or for a loved one.

This knitting pattern can be found on the Lion Brand Yarn website. This means that the price you will see when you first land on a pattern page is NOT the price of the pattern. It is the price of the recommended yarn which you can buy through the website.

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Roselle Ribbed Hat – A Dashing Knit Hat

This free knitting pattern is ideal for Level 3 - Easy Level KnittersText area which says "Free Knitting Pattern: Roselle Ribbed Hat – A Dashing Knit Hat, learnknittingonline.com" followed by a woman wearing a pink knitted ribbed hat

This delightfully charming knit hat lets you exude a bubbly personality. It comes in a single size, but is stretchy enough to fit a range of sizes.

The hat measures approximately 18 inches in circumference. That is about 45.5 cm circumference, if you prefer metric measurements.

Using Lion Brand’s Touch of Cashmere Yarn, a luxury, medium-weight yarn that is made of 90% acrylic and 10% cashmere, It is knitted using US6 Double-pointed and circular knitting needles. That is 4 mm needles, if you are using the metric system.

The hat is worked in one piece in-the-round, which you will start with a circular needle, then change to the double-pointed needles later on.

Furthermore, you will use simple decrease techniques like the k2tog and p2tog to shape the top of the hat. The k2tog, or knit two stitches together, is a basic right-slanting decrease.

We have a fully-illustrated tutorial you can check out to learn more about k2tog. You can find this here: Basic Right-slanting Decrease (K2tog).

The p2tog on the other hand, stands for purl two stitches together. It is the k2tog executed on the reverse side of your knitting project. It is one of the easiest decrease methods one can use when purling.

If you want to learn how to do the p2tog, you can check out our detailed, step-by-step tutorial on the subject here: Purled Right-Slanting Decrease (P2tog).

Get the FREE downloadable knitting pattern for this vibrant hat here: Roselle Ribbed Hat

In addition, you can purchase the recommended yarn here: Lion Brand’s Touch of Cashmere Yarn

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