Ready to Stroll [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Stride into baby fashion with the Ready to Stroll baby garment a timeless piece that balances cuteness with practicality. Whether it’s a casual outing or a heartwarming family event, this garment ensures that the little one is enveloped in the softest embrace while radiating style.

Secure the pattern for this delightful baby attire from the Garn Studio website.

This free knitting pattern is ideal for Level 4 - Intermediate Level Knitters

Ready to Stroll – Where Adorable Meets Cozy

Image of a adorable baby wearing a cozy pants followed by a text area which says "Ready to Stroll - Where Adorable Meets Cozy,"

Brought to life by the talented designers at Garn Studio, this baby garment is the epitome of delicate design and finesse, specially catered for intermediate knitting enthusiasts.

With sizes ranging from 0/1 – 1/3 – 6/9 – 12/18 months to 2 – 3/4 years, the garment’s finished size measures about 19 3/4″-19 3/4″-21 1/4″-22″ 22 3/4″-23 5/8″”, or if metric is more your style, that’s approximately 50-50-54-56 58-60 cm. So, you have a range that suits growing little adventurers.

For the creation of this charming piece, the DROPS Baby Merino yarn is your best ally. Renowned for its feather-like touch derived from 100% merino wool, it ensures the utmost comfort for delicate baby skin. Delve deeper into this yarn’s magic at DROPS Baby Merino.

For those impeccable stitches, be equipped with the DROPS CIRCULAR NEEDLE SIZE 3.5 MM = US 4. It’s all about precision and consistency.

Techniques Used

First and foremost, you’ll immerse yourself in the art of Slipping Stitches. This technique is crucial for transferring a stitch from one needle to another without actively knitting it, allowing the creation of varied textures in the garment.

Equally important is mastering the Basic Right-Slanting Decrease (K2tog). The K2tog, in simpler terms, means knitting two stitches together. It’s a staple in many knitting designs and ensures a smooth and neat finish.

Should you need a little guidance or perhaps a refresher on these techniques, our handy illustrated tutorials are just a click away. Empower yourself and master these skills!

Download Pattern Here

If you’re all set and raring to embark on this knitting journey, fetch the FREE knitting pattern for Ready to Stroll here.

Looking for the ideal yarn or eager to explore a spectrum of shades? Venture here DROPS Baby Merino and let your creativity unfurl!

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