6 Things to Know About Whether You Are a Process or Product Knitter

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Being a process or product knitter has become quite a hot topic in the world of knitting. Do you know which one you are? Is it possible you could be both a process and a product knitter?

Keep reading to find out what category you belong in and why! You will also learn everything about being a process and a product knitter and how to be the best type of knitter out there.

What is a process knitter? 

A process knitter knits because they love the whole process of knitting. They love knitting because it relaxes them, it gives them something to look forward to, and they often have to do it every day.

What is a product knitter? 

A product knitter is just what the name suggests, a person who focuses on the final product only. In some cases, knitting is not their favorite activity, but they enjoy creating a project. Because of this, they may skip complex projects and stick with easier and simpler ones.

The 6 things to know about whether you are a process or product knitter

Tip #1: These categories are not black or white 

You might not be sure which type of knitter you are, and that’s alright. In most cases, people will fall in the middle of these two. Sometimes you enjoy a complicated project because it relaxes you, and you cannot wait to finish it either.

Still, while the categories seem extreme, they are also a good way to understand your process and how you can become a better knitter.

Tip #2: If you enjoy deadlines and obsess over a project, you may be a product knitter 

Setting deadlines on projects and obsessing over it until it is complete is a clear sign of a product knitter. You might not understand why people knit endlessly because you always have a project to complete in your head.

You might also prefer fast projects over complicated ones because you want to have a product quickly, otherwise, you will not be at peace.

Tip #3: If you carry your needles and yarn everywhere, you may be a process knitter 

While product knitters constantly think about what they are knitting, a process knitter simply thinks about knitting. Usually, this means that you cannot wait to knit no matter where you are and that your favorite activity is always knitting.

Tip #4: Speed is more important than a technique for a product knitter 

Since it is all about a final product, a product knitter does not enjoy spending time on their technique and might even get a little impulsive here and there.

You may be a product knitter if you happen to enjoy speeding up your knitting and completing everything as quickly as possible. You are also this type of knitter if you enjoy wearing your final products, but the process is not enjoyable unless it happens quickly.

Tip #5: Learning new patterns, new yarns, and new techniques is exciting for a process knitter 

As the name indicates, a process knitter is all about the process itself. This entails learning new patterns, using new yarns, and trying out new techniques. Often, this type of knitter will likely participate in group classes, chat rooms, knitting groups, and more.

You are likely to be a process knitter if you cannot wait to try out a new pattern you saw, or you spend hours at the yarn store looking for your next one, or you do not mind messing up a project because you are experimenting with the technique. Whether you get to wear or gift the final product is not a priority, just happens to be a bonus.

Tip #6: Sometimes you might like being a process knitter, and others, you might be a product knitter 

As mentioned earlier, these two categories are extremes, and you will not always fall fully under one. There is no right or wrong type of knitter, but there are certain questions you can ask yourself to improve your knitting.

Do you enjoy looking up a new project? Are you always looking at hats, sweaters, or scarves to wear? Do you celebrate your final product or move on the next quickly? Did you get excited when you thought about buying new tools for your knitting?

These questions are just some of the ones you can ask yourself when looking at your knitting style. You can always adjust some of your skills and tendencies to improve your technique. Sometimes it may be a good thing to knit quickly and compulsively, while others precision and dedication is the right way to go.

Which type of knitter should I be? 

There is never a black or white side to knitting, but you may be able to work on your strengths and weaknesses by knowing whether you are a process or product knitter. Ask yourself why and how you knit and take a look here to compare your style.

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