PM Knitting Abbreviation Explained

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Blue knitted fabric with a text overlay which says " What is PM? Knitting Abbreviation Explained,"

The PM knitting abbreviation is one of these knitting abbreviations that have many knitters scratching their heads in wonder.

In short, the abbreviation means Place Marker. As a matter of fact, you will often see this abbreviation accompanied by the knitting abbreviation SM. The abbreviation SM is short for Slip Marker.

Stitch Markers are handy little notions that every knitter should have in their knitting bag.  There can be many reasons for why your knitting pattern calls for placing a marker (PM).

For instance, stitch markers are commonly used for marking a certain number of stitches in your knitting project. An example of this can be when you have to repeat a stitch pattern several times.

In addition, when knitting in the round, they can also be used to mark the beginning of a round. Furthermore, they may also mark where you should increase or decrease stitches in your knitting project.

Once you have placed your marker(s) in your knitting project, most commonly they will sit on the needle between your active stitches. That means that you may have to move them from one needle to another when you are knitting. This is where the second abbreviation, SM, comes in.

Whenever you see the knitting abbreviation SM in your pattern, all you have to do is slip the stitch marker from one needle to the other.

There are 2 different types of stitch markers and each of the two are used for different purposes. So, it is important that you choose the correct stitch marker for the project you are working on.

Actually, there are several more uses for these handy little knitting notions. In fact, you can find out more about stitch markers and their many uses in this informative article: Stitch Markers: The Ultimate Guide to Stitch Markers.

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