Mrs Hunter’s Yarnover Pattern [FREE Knitted Stitch Pattern]

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Orange knitted fabric with a vertical pattern followed by a text area that says "Learn how to knit Mrs Hunter’s Yarnover Pattern," and a back side of orange knitted fabric with a vertical patternMrs Hunter’s Yarnover Pattern is a traditional Shetland pattern. Apparently, “Mrs Hunter” is said to be a member of the famous Hunter family of the Isle of Unst.

In fact, Unst is the most northerly of the Shetland Islands. From here, the celebrated Hunter family began and developed what we now refer to as Shetland lace knitting.

Consequently, this famous, pioneering Shetland family went on to create gorgeous shawls for the British royal family, right back from the time of Queen Victoria to the present day.

Actually, this stitch pattern is knitted over just 4 rows. So, this is an easy yarnover stitch pattern to memorize – perfect for knitting in front of the TV.

Furthermore, it is a great stitch pattern for a novice knitter who would like to try out a yarnover pattern.

Meanwhile, the finished fabric has a lot of similarities with the Yarnover Cable which was probably derived from this stitch pattern. 

In addition, this delightful yarnover pattern is ideal for a wide number of different knitting projects, ranging from a smart summer top to a baby blanket.

Finally, the stitch pattern uses slipped stitches.  If you are not familiar with this technique, we recommend that you check out our step-by-step tutorial. Furthermore, you can find this tutorial here: Slipping Stitches Knitwise or Purlwise.

This free knit stitch pattern is ideal for Level 3 - Easy Level Knitters

Techniques Needed for Mrs Hunter’s Yarnover Pattern

Abbreviation                       Description                                     Tutorial

k                                                   knit                                                    Knit Stitch Continental Style 
                                                                                                                  Knit Stitch English Style

p                                                   purl                                                   Purl Stitch Continental Style
                                                                                                                 Purl Stitch English Style

sl                                                  slip                                                    Slipping Stitches Knitwise or Purlwise

yo                                                yarnover                                         Open Yarnover Increase

Other Abbreviations Used

ws                                               wrong side

rs                                                 right side

rep                                              repeat

st(s)                                            stitch(es)

psso                                           pass slipped stitch(es) over

Instructions (Knitted Flat)

Multiple of 4 sts plus 2

Row 1(RS): Knit

Row 2: Purl

Row 3: K1, * sl 1 k3, psso the 3 knit sts; rep from *, end k1

Row 4: P1, * p3, yo; rep from *, end p1

Repeat Rows 1-4 until the desired length is reached. 


  1. Thank you for the pattern – am going to try it. (Yarnover pattetn)

  2. What size needle would I use for a baby blanket please and thank you. I would love to try this pattern.

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