Mitered Knitting Make a Pillow Review: Create Geometric Illusions with Ease

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Mitered knitting, with its unique technique of creating squares through strategic decreases, offers an unparalleled opportunity to craft home decor that truly stands out.

Whether you’re a seasoned knitter looking for your next challenge or a beginner eager to dive into the deep end, this tutorial promises a rewarding experience.

With Edie Eckman’s expertise illuminating our path, we will explore the nuances of mitered squares, learn to seamlessly join them, and finally, piece together a pillow that’s as cozy as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Join us as we knit, purl, and stitch our way to creating a masterpiece that’s not just made, but intricately designed with love, patience, and a touch of creativity.

What is Mitered Knitting?

Mitered knitting, a gem in the knitting world, captivates with its straightforward yet ingenious technique. At its core, mitered knitting involves strategic decreases that typically occur at the center of your work, magically transforming your stitches into squares or rectangles.

knitted pillow showcasing a mitered square design, characterized by the striking geometric lines that create a V shape emanating from the pillow's corner.

This method is celebrated for creating fabrics with a distinctive, diagonal seam that adds a touch of elegance and intrigue to any project.

The beauty of mitered knitting lies in its simplicity and the mesmerizing patterns that emerge as your fabric takes shape.

Whether you’re looking to knit a cozy blanket, a chic scarf, or a stylish pillow, mastering the art of the mitered square is your first step towards adding a flair of sophistication to your creations.

Getting to Know Edie Eckman

Edie Eckman is a renowned figure in the knitting and crochet community, celebrated for her ability to demystify complex techniques with clarity and creativity.

Her book, “Modular Mix: 12 Knitted Mitered Squares to Mix & Match,” serves as both an introduction to modular knitting for beginners and a treasure trove of innovative ideas for seasoned knitters.

Through detailed instructions for creating mitered squares in various sizes, Eckman guides crafters in mixing and matching these blocks to create customizable and dynamic designs, culminating in the stunning mitered mix afghan project that showcases the versatility and beauty of mitered knitting.

two distinct mitered knitting patterns side by side, showcasing the versatility of this technique. On the left, there is a pattern with a neutral cream base, accented with small squares of vibrant colors like orange, blue, purple, and yellow at the corners.

Few names shine as brightly as Edie Eckman’s.

With a career that transitions from yarn shop co-owner to a beacon of inspiration for knitters and crocheters worldwide,

Edie’s journey is a testament to her passion for the craft and her commitment to sharing it with others.

Her story begins in the cozy confines of a yarn shop, a venture that, while short-lived, ignited a spark for design and instruction that has since illuminated the path for countless crafters.

Edie’s role as a “Knit-Crochet Diplomat” is not a title self-proclaimed but a mantle bestowed by a community of crafters who have witnessed her dedication to bridging the divide between knitting and crochet.

She champions the idea that with the right guidance and encouragement, anyone can master the art of yarn crafting, transforming beginners into adept crafters and elevating professionals with her insightful tips and techniques.

The Appeal of Mitered Knitting

Mitered knitting, a technique as intriguing as its name, is revered for its geometric allure and the seemingly complex designs it yields with straightforward methods.

a mitered knitting piece composed of two square sections with contrasting stripe patterns. On the left, the stripes flow in shades of yellow, orange, and white, creating a sunny, warm gradient effect.

At the heart of mitered knitting lies the mitered square. A simple yet powerful building block that, when mastered, unlocks endless creative possibilities.

This technique leverages decreases strategically placed to form the distinctive diagonal lines that define each square. It allows pieces to effortlessly come together in a quilt-like fashion.

The appeal of mitered knitting is manifold. It offers a harmonious blend of structure and creativity. This enables crafters to experiment with color transitions, textures, and patterns within a coherent framework.

From vibrant throws to elegant scarves, and, of course, our focus today pillows the versatility of mitered squares is boundless.

Moreover, this approach provides a satisfying solution to managing yarn scraps, turning leftover bits into stunning patchwork pieces.

For those who appreciate a blend of precision and artistry in their knitting projects, mitered knitting is a perfect match.

Edie Eckman’s Creative Bug Mitered Knitting Make a Pillow Course

Edie Eckman’s Mitered Knitting course elegantly demystifies the process of creating geometric designs through mitered squares, showcasing how simple stitches and decreases can weave into something spectacular. Here’s what makes this course a must-have for any knitting enthusiast:

  • Hands-on, Practical Projects: At the heart of this course is a project that encapsulates the essence of mitered knitting—a beautifully crafted pillowcase sampler. This project not only serves as a practical application of your newfound skills but also as a creative outlet to experiment with patterns and colors. The satisfaction of holding a tangible manifestation of your efforts cannot be overstated.
  • Comprehensive Learning Resources: Edie Eckman, with her expert instruction, guides you through each step of the process. From the long tail cast-on and purl cable cast-on to mastering decreases like k3tog and s2kp, every technique is broken down into digestible segments. The course includes 5 HD video lessons accessible anytime, providing a detailed supplies list and a downloadable PDF pillow pattern—an $8 value on its own.
  • Flexibility and Interactivity: One of the course’s key strengths is its flexibility, allowing learners to engage with the material at their own pace, from anywhere. Adding to the immersive experience, students are encouraged to leave comments, ask questions, and interact with peers, fostering a community of learners who support and inspire each other.

User Experience and Feedback

Feedback from students underscores the seamless, interactive journey from knitting novices to confident crafters:

  • Ease of Learning: Learners like Amanda B. voice a common sentiment of wishing they had access to these insights sooner. The course breaks down complex knitting techniques into manageable, approachable lessons. The clarity and depth of instruction transform what might seem like daunting projects into achievable, enjoyable endeavors.
  • Instructor Excellence: The feedback consistently highlights the thorough and accessible teaching style of the course instructor. Students like Susan praise the comprehensive nature of the instruction, appreciating the meticulous attention to detail that ensures a supportive learning environment for all skill levels.
  • Confidence Building: The real testament to the instructor’s effectiveness is the newfound confidence students feel. For instance, a learner remarked on the confidence boost received after watching the video lessons, feeling fully equipped to tackle their own pillow project with gusto.
  • Community and Support: Beyond acquiring technical skills, the course offers a vibrant platform for knitters to connect, share experiences, and support each other. The ability to interact with both the instructor and fellow students adds an invaluable layer of support and camaraderie, enriching the overall learning experience.

Tutorial: Mitered Knitting for a Pillow

Let’s follow a step-by-step guide that brings Edie Eckman’s expertise right into your crafting space. This project not only adds a touch of charm to your home but also serves as a fantastic introduction to mitered knitting.

Materials Needed:

Yarn of varying colors (preferably medium weight)

Circular or straight knitting needles (size according to yarn weight)

Pillow form (size based on your preference)

Tapestry needle for seaming and weaving in ends

Creating Your First Mitered Square:

Cast On: Begin by casting on 49 stitches. This will be the outer edge of your square.

Knit a Setup Row: Knit all stitches.

Start Decreasing: Knit 23 stitches, place a marker, knit 3 stitches together (central decrease), place another marker, and knit the remaining 23 stitches. This central decrease is what creates the mitered effect.

Continue the Pattern: Repeat the decrease row, alternating with a knit row, until 3 stitches remain. Knit these three stitches together and fasten off.

Joining Squares: Join them using a simple whip stitch or mattress stitch for a cleaner finish.

Assembly: Once you have two pieces large enough to cover your pillow form, seam them together on three sides, insert the pillow form, and then close the fourth side.

Customization Tips

The beauty of mitered knitting lies not only in its technique but also in its versatility. Here are a few tips to make your mitered knit pillow uniquely yours:

Color Play: Experiment with color gradients or stark contrasts for dramatic effects. Consider using a variegated yarn for one of the squares for an unexpected pop of color.

Texture Exploration: Mix yarns of different textures for a tactile experience. A silky yarn combined with a woolly texture can add depth to your pillow.

Embellishments: Once pillow is assembled, add embroidered details or attach buttons and beads for an extra layer of personalization.

Size Variation: Adjust the size of your pillow by altering the number of squares or the dimensions of each square. This flexibility allows you to tailor your project to fit any space perfectly.

Edie Eckman’s Recommended Reads

Diving deeper into the world of knitting and crochet, Edie Eckman’s expertise is not confined to her online courses and tutorials. Here are a few must-reads for those looking to expand their knitting knowledge and skills:

Extreme Double-Knitting: New Adventures in Reversible Colorwork (Revised Edition): This book takes you on a journey through the intricate world of double knitting, offering patterns that challenge and inspire you to create reversible masterpieces.

Double or Nothing: Reversible Knitting for the Adventurous: Expand your knitting repertoire with this exploration of reversible knitting. The book pushes the boundaries of what you thought possible with two needles and yarn.

Modular Mix: 12 Knitted Mitered Squares to Mix & Match: Perfect for those intrigued by our mitered knitting project, this book provides a variety of patterns to create and combine mitered squares.

Mitered Knitting – Make a Pillow: A Journey of Creativity and Mastery

“Mitered Knitting: Make a Pillow” stands out as an exceptional course for those interested in mastering the art of geometric knitting patterns. It balances the intricacies of mitered knitting with clear, engaging instructions, making it accessible to both beginners and seasoned knitters alike.

The course’s structured approach, combined with the instructor’s expertise, provides a solid foundation for anyone looking to enhance their knitting skills or explore new creative avenues.

We warmly recommend this course to anyone eager to delve into the world of knitting, whether to add a unique touch to their home decor or to embrace a fulfilling new hobby. It promises not only to teach valuable techniques but also to inspire creativity and a sense of accomplishment.

With its practical projects and supportive learning environment, “Mitered Knitting: Make a Pillow” is a worthy investment in your creative journey.

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