Make This Poncho Knitting Pattern [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Ponchos are super cozy and warm, but who said they have to be bland and boring?

In fact, they can add a bit of flair to your daily outfit. This poncho knitting pattern we’ve prepared has the best of both worlds. It is very stylish and keeps you warm during the cold seasons.

The pattern can be found on the Lion Brand yarn website. That means that the price you see when you first land on the pattern page is NOT the price of the pattern. It is the price of the recommended yarn, which you can buy through their website.

You can find the button for the FREE downloadable knitting pattern under the [Add All to Cart] button.

Palermo Poncho – A Fashionable and Cozy Poncho

This free knitting pattern is ideal for Level 4 - Intermediate Level KnittersText area which says "Palermo Poncho – A Fashionable and Cozy Poncho," followed by a woman wearing multi-colored knitted poncho

This trendy and comfy poncho is the perfect piece to wear if you want something warm and stylish.

The poncho comes in a single size and measures approximately 48 inches wide and 60 inches long. That is 122 cm wide and 152.5 cm long, if you prefer metric measurements.

Using Lion Brand’s Wool Ease Thick & Quick Yarn, the poncho is knitted using US13 circular knitting needles. That is 9 mm needles if you are using the metric system.

Furthermore, you will be employing a seed stitch when making this poncho. The seed stitch, aka moss stitch, is a popular stitch pattern that is easy to create.

If you want to learn more about seed stitch, we have an excellent article about this stitch pattern that you may like. Check it out here: Seed Stitch (aka Moss Stitch).

Moreover, the pattern is worked in intarsia colorwork. Included is a chart that you can use as a guide in doing the color changes.

The FREE downloadable knitting pattern for this cozy poncho can be found here: Palermo Poncho

In addition, the recommended yarn can be purchased here: Lion Brand’s Wool Ease Thick & Quick Yarn

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