Knitting Health: 4 Benefits of Knitting

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A woman's hands knitting with a text overlay which says ", Knitting Health: 4 Benefits of Knitting, Knitting can serve multiple purposes for someone’s wellbeing." followed by the LKO lettermarkWhether you are a beginner or an expert knitter, you may already know the benefits of knitting in your life. However, more than just a hobby and a way to relax, knitting can serve multiple purposes for someone’s wellbeing.

Before you give up on knitting, make sure you give it a try, if not for better dexterity, for the peace of mind it will bring you. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be great at it, just doing it for a bit of time every week can be beneficial.

These are the 4 benefits of knitting and why you should try it:

Fact #1: Knitting exercises your brain

While it sounds funny, knitting isn’t just about your hands, as it also involves using up to 60% of your brain. If you want to make sure you keep a healthy mind, knitting is just the right activity. By engaging in knitting, you are using parts of your brain that otherwise could remain disengaged. As we age, activities like these can help prevent degenerative damage and promote stronger memory and concentration skills.

Fact #2: You can find an escape to the rest of the world

Knitting is a great way to find peace of mind, especially during times of stress. Like other hobbies, when you knit you engage in a single thing, and concentrate on the steps it involves. However, knitting is a healthy habit that involves nothing else but the movement of the hands, so it can save you energy while also distracting you from your problems.

Fact #3: When you knit you strengthen your fingers, hands, and arms

You probably know how much movement and dexterity it takes to knit, but many doctors have found that knitting can prevent damage to the joints, while also promoting healthy blood flow.

If you have a history of arthritis or osteoporosis, knitting can be a good activity to prevent further damage and to strengthen cartilage and joints. The truth is this hobby requires you to have a constant movement of your fingers, hands, and wrists, but these are not supposed to be forceful or painful, simply mechanical.

Fact #4: Your mood will improve every time

Even if you don’t notice it, when you knit you can find a bit of space for yourself, and settle down. Aside from being an escape, it can be a mood stabilizer. Studies have found that people that knit reported a feeling of happiness afterward, while they were feeling sad before.

No matter the reason, when you sit down to knit, you simply have no time to focus on anything else but the rhythm and direction of the yarn. This, in turn, will help you feel more calm and relaxed. By the end, your mood may be better, or at least the feelings of anxiety and depression will be gone.

Take on knitting for your health!

If you still haven’t tried knitting, it may be time to consider this hobby or pastime. Your mind and body will appreciate the downtime, but also the ability to pause and concentrate on something very specific. Let the knitting begin!

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