Knitting Health: 6 Knitting Benefits Which Are Good for You

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Photo of an elderly couple laughing as they knit with a text overlay which says ", Knitting Health: 6 Knitting Benefits Which Are Good for You, There's far more to knitting than a simple hobby to keep you busy" followed by the LKO lettermarkDo you remember watching your mum, or even your grandma, knitting away while sitting in front of a crackling fire in the middle of a cold winter’s day? I didn’t know it then, but there are lots of knitting benefits that come with the hobby.

Watching both my mum, grandma, and 2 aunties, all sitting around chatting whilst letting their fingers work their needles into beautiful assortments of sweaters, scarves, and more fascinated me.

I knew it was fun, but little did I know that there was far more to it than a simple hobby to keep you busy on a cold winter’s day. There is far more to the art of knitting than something to occupy your time.

Apart from the mental joy many people feel, there are some real benefits to knitting, some of which include medical benefits.

6 Knitting Benefits 

Benefit #1: Helps to Keep You Happy

There’s something truly special about creating something. Like a keen gardener that grows beautiful flowers in their back yard, someone knitting a cardigan or a scarf feels the same happiness as they create their own masterpieces.

And it isn’t just the end product that gives you happiness. So does the journey along the way. It’s during the creation stage of knitting that your brain releases dopamine, a chemical linked to the feel-good transmitters in your brain.

Benefit #2: Knitting Is and Always Will Be Fashionable

The art of knitting has been around for a very long time. It was around long before my time and will continue to be a popular pastime long after I’ve gone. It takes a special someone to sit for hours on end, twirling the needles and yarn together to create a wonderful assortment of items.

For some, it might be the whole journey to the final result that appeals, while others might see the end goal as their shining light. But whatever the reason, this craft will always appeal to the masses.

Benefit #3: Knitting Benefits Your Mind to Be Fit and Healthy

Recent studies have shown that knitting is a great way to keep your brain fit and healthy. It gives you skills such as persistence and determination, while also improving your hand-eye coordination. The brain is kept active by the endless calculations it performs while your fingers dance around, adding to your overall demeanor.

Benefit #4: One of the Knitting Benefits is Fighting Off Dementia

Another study proved that knitting during middle age helps fight off debilitating diseases like Dementia. Knitting utilizes up to 60% of your brain because of the way your fingers respond to impulses from the brain. This shows a remarkable reduction in memory loss and cognitive impairment in later years.

Benefit #5: Remain Calm and Knit

While the end result of a knitting project gets your heart rate up with excitement, the journey along the way is what keeps you calm. By the time you settle into your favorite chair and let your fingers run away, you’ll be calm in no time.

Benefit #6: Knitting and Chatting Go Together

While you might think knitting is a hobby for one, there are more and more groups coming together to share ideas, finished projects, and just time to catch up and knit over a cup of tea.


  1. Glenys Little

    I learned to knit in 1945 when I was 4 years old and have knitted every day since. Now it is All day and night apart from eating and sleeping. I THANK GOD FOR THIS INTEREST.

    • Mary Ann Bergeron

      I am right there with you. I learned to knit at age 10-12 and now at age 73, I knit many hours a day. I knew once I retired 5 years ago I needed to do something that would keep me busy and bring me much enjoyment!!! ❤️🧶🧶🧶🧶

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