How to Make a Tassel Out of Yarn [FREE Tutorial]

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Text area which says "Basic Tutorials : How To Make A Tassel," followed by an illustration of a blue tassel and blue yarn wrapped around multiple times around a piece of cardboardIn this tutorial, you will learn how to make a tassel out of yarn. Tassels are a fantastic way to add a playful and stylish finishing touch to your knitting projects.

But why stop at knitting projects? Tassels are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of creative ways.

Imagine adding a splash of color to your keyring, or crafting unique bracelets and necklaces with them. The possibilities are endless!

To make tassels out of yarn, you will need the following items:

  • Yarn that matches your project
  • Cardboard
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors

Making A Tassel Out of Yarn: Step-by-Step

Cut your cardboard about 3 inches (approx. 7.5 cm) wide and as tall as you want your finished tassel(s) to be. Depending on how thick your cardboard is, you may want to cut two pieces the same size and “sandwich” them together.

How to Make A Tassel Step 1 - A piece of cardboard cut to 3 inches wide

Starting at one end of your cardboard piece(s), wrap the yarn around the cardboard. Continue to wind the yarn until you have achieved the required thickness. Stop at the same end as you started and cut the yarn.

Remember: Your tassel will be the thickness of both sides of the cardboard combined!

How to Make A Tassel Step 2: Blue yarn wrapped around over and over a piece of cardboard

Cut a piece of yarn that is approx. 18 inches (approx. 45.5 cm) long. Insert the yarn end under all of the strands at the top of the cardboard. Depending on how tightly you have wound the yarn, you might find using a tapestry needle the easiest.

How to Make A Tassel Step 3:  A piece of blue yarn being insterted in between a piece of cardboard and loops of another piece of yarn using a tapestry needle

Pull the yarn piece tight and secure it by tying a couple of knots. Make sure that you end up with two yarn tails that are equally long. You will need these yarn ends to attach the finished tassel.

How to Make A Tassel Step 4: Multiple loops of blue yarn wrapped around a cardboard being bundled by another piece of blue yarn

Cut the yarn at the opposite side of the cardboard and remove the cardboard.

How to Make A Tassel Step 5: Multiple loops of blue yarn wrapped around a cardboard being cut at the bottom edge

Cut another piece of yarn and wrap it tightly around the tassel and secure firmly. This should be approx. ½ inch (approx. 1.25 cm) from the top of the tassel.

How to Make A Tassel Step 6: A blue tassel with a half inch marker to measure the top

Use the tapestry needle to hide these yarn ends. Thread the needle and pull the ends through the center of the tassel. This will help disguising the ends which have a tendency to stick out of your finished tassel.

How to Make A Tassel Step 7: A blue tassel with a tapestry needle being inserted in it

Give the bottom end of your tassel a trim and attach it to your project.

How to Make A Tassel Step 8: A orange tassel being trimmed

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