Knitted Gingham Throw [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Introducing the Knitted Gingham Throw, an inviting and simple project that brings the coziness of homemade charm into any room. Ideal for those starting their knitting journey, this blanket is more than just a warm addition to your home it’s a testament to the joy of creation.

This free knitting pattern is ideal for Level 1 - Beginner Knitters

Knitted Gingham Throw – A Homely Craft for Everyone

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Crafted by the creative minds at LionBrand, the Knitted Gingham Throw is a perfect project for knitters who have just begun to explore their craft. This blanket, with its inviting texture and comforting warmth, is designed to be a relaxing and fulfilling project.

The throw measures a generous 42 x 46 inches (106.5 x 117 cm), offering ample coverage for those chilly evenings. Its dimensions make it a versatile piece, suitable for snuggling on the couch or adding an extra layer of warmth to your bed.

To bring this project to life, you’ll need Local Grown Yarn, available through this link: Local Grown Yarn. This yarn is renowned for its softness and quality, ensuring that your Gingham Throw will be as pleasant to touch as it is to look at.

Additionally, you’ll require a Circular knitting needle of size 5 mm to achieve the perfect tension and texture.

Techniques Used

In creating your Gingham Throw, you’ll employ the Long Tail Cast-On, a popular and versatile method known for its neatness and elasticity. It’s ideal for projects like blankets where a sturdy yet stretchy edge is desired. Learn more about this technique here: Long Tail Cast-On.

Also, you’ll use the Basic Bind-Off technique to neatly finish your project. This method ensures a clean and secure edge, perfect for items that will be used and loved for years. Discover how to master this technique here: Basic Bind-Off.

Download Pattern Here

Ready to start on this delightful project? Download the FREE knitting pattern for the beautiful Throw here: Gingham Throw Knitting

Additionally, the recommended yarn is just a click away at the provided link Local Grown Yarn

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