Fuchsia Yarnover Stitch Pattern [FREE Knitted Stitch Pattern]

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Coral knitted fabric with a Yarnover Stitch pattern followed by a text area that says "Learn how to knit: Fuchsia Yarnover Stitch Pattern, learnknittingonline.com" and a back side of the coral knitted fabric with a Yarnover Stitch patternThe Fuchsia Yarnover Stitch Pattern is a popular, traditional stitch pattern.

At first glance, this pattern might look difficult, as it is knitted over 12 rows. However, you will find that it is easy to anticipate the stitches after you have done the first repeat.

In fact, this pattern is an easy pattern to knit, as there is only slightly more involved than just knitting and purling.

So, if you are a confident beginner who would like a challenge, why not try knitting this delightful stitch pattern?

Knitted up in a fine yarn, this stitch pattern is perfect for baby dresses, or a little girl’s party dress.

Furthermore, the pattern has a rather plain reverse side which will look quite nice in projects where both sides are visible. For instance, baby blankets will look lovely in this stitch pattern.

The stitch pattern is such that makes the fabric scrunch up quite a bit. It is therefore more important than ever to properly block any swatches before you take your measurements.

Knitting Skill Levels | Learn Knitting Online

Techniques Needed for the Fuchsia Yarnover Stitch Pattern

Abbreviation                       Description                               Tutorial

k                                                   knit                                                    Knit Stitch Continental Style 
                                                                                                                  Knit Stitch English Style

p                                                   purl                                                   Purl Stitch Continental Style
                                                                                                                 Purl Stitch English Style

yo                                                yarnover                                          Open Yarnover Increase

k2tog                                        knitting 2 stitches                       Basic Right-Slanting Decrease 

Other Abbreviations Used

ws                                               wrong side

rs                                                 right side

rep                                              repeat

st(s)                                            stitch(es)

Instructions (Knitted Flat)

Multiple of 6 sts.

Row 1 (RS): * P2, k2, yo, p2; rep from *.

Row 2: * K2, p3, k2; rep from *.

Row 3: * P2, k3,  yo, p2; rep from *.

Row 4: * K2, p4, k2; rep from *.

Row 5: * P2, k4, yo, p2; rep from *.

Row 6: * K2, p5, k2; rep from *.

Row 7: * P2, k3,  k2 tog, p2; rep from *.

Row 8:  Repeat row 4.

Row 9: * P2, k2, k2 tog, p2; rep from *.

Row 10: Repeat row 2.

Row 11: * P2,  k1,  k2 tog, p2; rep from *.

Row 12: * K2, p2, k2; rep from *.

Repeat rows 1-12 until you have reached the desired length.

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