Free Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Keep your arms and palms warm with fingerless gloves. This Free fingerless gloves knitting pattern we’ve prepared for you is not only toasty, but they are also very fashionable and stylish.

This knitting pattern can be found on the Lion Brand Yarn website. This means that the price you will see when you first land on the pattern page is NOT the price of the pattern. It is the price of the recommended yarn which you can buy through their website.

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Dolce Fingerless Gloves – A Dazzling Knitted Gloves

This free knitting pattern is ideal for Level 4 - Intermediate Level KnittersText area which says "Free Knitting Pattern: Dolce Fingerless Gloves – Dazzling Knitted Gloves," followed by a woman wearing a long pair of knitted fingerless gloves

These colorful and pretty knit fingerless gloves are perfect for adding a dash of color and warmth to your outfit. They come in a single size but are stretchy enough to fit a range of female arm sizes.

The finished item measures approximately 8 inches in circumference at the upper arm part and about 14 inches in length. That is roughly 20.5 cm in circumference and about 35.5 cm in length, if you prefer metric units.

The original project was knitted using the discontinued Lion Brand yarn, however, you can use any Medium-Weight, Acrylic & Wool Yarn from Lion Brand’s inventory when making this pattern.

The gloves are knitted using US7 and US9 Double-pointed knitting needles. That is 4.5 mm and 5.5 mm needles, if you are using the metric system.

Furthermore, you will be employing an M1 knitting increase when working on this project. An M1 is an almost invisible increase technique that is frequently used after a rib.

If you are not yet familiar with M1 increase and would like to learn more, we have an excellent article on the subject that you may like. You can find this here: M1, M1R, M1L: Knitting Abbreviations Explained.

Get the FREE downloadable knitting pattern for these lovely gloves here: Dolce Fingerless Gloves

In addition, you can purchase the recommended yarn here: Lion Brand Medium-Weight, Acrylic & Wool Yarn.

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