How To Take Foot Measurements When Knitting Socks

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Photo of a foot wrapped in a measuring tape with a text overlay that says ", How To Take Foot Measurements When Knitting Socks" followed by the LKO lettermarkThere are quite a few things that can go wrong when you’re knitting socks. One of them is incorrectly taking foot measurements.

That may result in either socks that are too loose, or too tight. So, the key recommendation is to plan.

In order to do so, start with measuring your foot the right way. You may know about measuring the foot circumference. But that is not all.

This short guide will tell you all there is to know about taking the necessary measurements to create your perfect project.

Learn How To Do Correct Foot Measurements with This Guide

First of all, take a tape measure. A ruler won’t give you the right figure, and it’s preferable not to work with estimates.

The foot circumference is the widest part, right under the toes. Make sure that the foot is well planted on the floor, to achieve its maximum width possible.

How To Take Foot Measurements When Knitting Socks : Wrapping a tape measure around a foot to measure circumference.

Next, you should measure the cuff height. You should gauge the distance between the heel turn to the top. A good idea would be to take after some socks you already love and use. That should help you a lot.

How To Take Foot Measurements When Knitting Socks : Measure the heel using a tape measure.

Use the tape measure to establish the foot length now. From the back of the heel to the longest toe, you will get this value. Some people have their big toe the longest; some have the second one longer than the rest. That plays a role in measuring the foot length correctly.

How To Take Foot Measurements When Knitting Socks : Measure the foot length by stepping on  tape measure.

Do keep in mind that knitted socks tend to stretch and become looser with use. What you want in a pair of socks is a bit of stretching ability for a perfect fit.

That means that you can work a little tighter. Furthermore, make sure that the fabric you use will allow some stretching. This way you get socks that are not loose, nor too tight.

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  1. Susan Hunt

    What about fat legs?
    Measure around ankle (about 1″ above where foot begins), & calf at height you want he sox.
    Also at high point of arch and
    Back of heel (at floor) around front of ankle (45 degree angle. I have hard time getting store bought sox over this part.

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