Filbert Frog Knit Toy [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Give your darling a brand new, handmade playmate and make this Filbert Frog Knit Toy. This adorable little knit frog is going to keep the little one company during bedtime or playtime. It’s also a great gift idea for kids any time of the year.

You can get the pattern for this tiny frog toy on the Lion Brand website.

Filbert Frog Knit Toy – A Fun-tastic Frog Toy

Text area which says "Free Knitting Pattern: Filbert Frog Knit Toy – A Fun-tastic Frog Toy," followed by a little girl in a striped shirt holding up a knitted frog toy
This free knitting pattern is ideal for Level 3 - Easy Level Knitters

Designed by the talented Amy Gaines over at Lion Brand, Filbert Frog is a knit toy that will make your tyke’s playtime more fun and creative.

Another great thing is that this pattern is easy to knit. You can work the head and body flat in 2 pieces. Then you can seam the two pieces, and stuff them to make it as squishy as you want.

Furthermore, it’s available in one size, measuring about 6.5 inches in height. That’s 16.5 cm if you prefer to use the metric system.

The original toy was made using the discontinued Vanna’s Palettes yarn. However, you can easily substitute any No. 4 medium-weight acrylic or nylon yarn in its place.

Moreover, you will be needing a US size 4 needle size. That’s 3.5 mm if you prefer to use the metric system.

For the head, body, and eyes, you will have to do a k2tog decrease. It is an easy, right-slanting decrease technique.

If you like to learn how to do this, you can check out our fully illustrated tutorial for making the k2tog. You can find the tutorial here: Basic Right-Slanting Decrease (K2tog).

As for the arms and legs, you will be making the kfb or the Bar Increase. It’s a simple, left-leaning increase method. If you need a guide to know how this method works, check out this tutorial: Learn How to Make a KFC or Bar Increase.

Download Pattern

Download the FREE knitting pattern for this fantastic toy here: Filbert Frog Pattern.

In addition, you can purchase the recommended yarn through this link here: No. 4 medium-weight acrylic or nylon yarn

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