Lacy Elegant Frills Wristlet Pattern [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Accessorize with these lacy elegant frills wristlets for when you feel like sprucing up your look. The pattern we’ve prepared includes directions that are both written and charted, so choose whichever form of instruction you feel more comfortable with. Grab the elegant frills wristlet pattern today!

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Elegant Frills Wrislet – A Stunning Wristlet to Level Up Your Outfit

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This free knitting pattern is ideal for Level 4 - Intermediate Level Knitters

Another exciting creation by the talented Carla Cuadros, this lacy Elegant Frills Wristlet pattern gives your wrist ease and comfort as you carry your handbag all day long. It’s elegantly styled, so you also enjoy fashion as well as function.

The finished wristlet measures approximately 4.5 inches in circumference and 7.5 inches high. That is roughly 12 cm in circumference and about 19 cm high if you prefer to use the metric system.

To make this accessory, you will need the Gloss Fingering yarn, a luxuriously soft and velvety yarn made from a blend of merino and silk. The silky soft texture of this yarn makes it ideal for laced garments like this wristlet.

You will also need US 7 straight or circular knitting needles. That’s 4.5 mm if you prefer to use the metric system.

Furthermore, utilize a few knitting decrease techniques in making this project. You will be using the SSP and K2tog knitting decreases.

The SSP, or slip one, slip one, purl two together, is a decrease that is typically used at the end of a row. If you want to learn how to do the SSP, we have a step-by-step tutorial that you will find helpful. Find this tutorial here: Purled Left-Slanting Decrease (SSP)

The K2tog, on the other hand, stands for knitting two stitches together. It is a basic decrease technique that slants to the right. Want to learn how to do the k2tog? We also have a detailed tutorial for it. Find this tutorial here: Basic Right Slanting Decrease (K2tog)

Download Pattern

Get the FREE downloadable pattern, please click here: Elegant Frills Wristlet Pattern.

In addition, purchase the recommended yarn here: Gloss Fingering Yarn.

Looking for your next spring knitting project? Try this lacy Elegant Frills Wristlet Pattern. It’s guaranteed to spruce up your look and protect your wrists at the same time.

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