Learn How To Do A Basic Bind-Off [FREE Knitting Tutorial]

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Text area which says "Bind-Off Tutorials: Learn How To Do A Basic Bind-Off, learnknittingonline.com" followed by an illustration of a knitted fabric with a loop on the upper left cornerIn this Basic Bind-Off Knitting Tutorial, you are going to learn the most common way to finish off a knitting project.

The Basic Bind-Off (BO), aka as the Standard Bind-Off, is a very easy binding-off technique to learn. Therefore, it is probably the most used binding-off technique used.

Using this technique will leave you with a nice and neat edge that is also quite firm.

It creates a chain along the finishing edge of your knitting project. In fact, it is the binding-off method that you will probably use for most of your projects.

This method is usually the first bind-off most knitters learn. The reason this technique is so popular is that it is easy to learn.

Not only that, but it also works well on knit, purl, and ribbed edges and gives a decent edge.

If you have a project where both ends are visible, for instance, a scarf, you may want to pair this bind-off technique with a Chained Cast On.

Furthermore, it is often the only bind-off method many knitters ever use. However, we would encourage you to try out different binding-off techniques, as they can add something extra to the finish off your knitting project.

You will sometimes also see this technique referred to as a Traditional Bind-Off or a Chain Bind-Off.


  • Smooth, attractive edge
  • Looks like chain stitches

Ideal for

  • Any knit/purl stitch pattern
  • Matching the Chained Cast On

Step-by-Step Basic Bind-Off Knitting Tutorial

This bind-off can be worked into any knit and/or purl stitch pattern. Therefore, work each stitch as it presents itself (knit or purl) and bind off as outlined below.


Begin by knitting two stitches.



Insert the left-hand needle into the first stitch on the right-hand needle.

Basic Bind-Off Knitting Tutorial | learnknittingonline.com



Pass the first stitch over the second stitch until it’s completely off the right-hand needle.




Drop the first stitch from the left-hand needle. Now one stitch has been bound off.

Basic Bind-Off Knitting Tutorial | learnknittingonline.com



Knit the next stitch. Repeat steps 2 to 4 until you have one stitch remaining.

Basic Bind-Off Knitting Tutorial | learnknittingonline.com



Cut the yarn, leaving an approx. 4-inch tail (approx. 10 cm). Remove the last stitch from your knitting needle.

Basic Bind-Off Knitting Tutorial | learnknittingonline.com



Pull the tail through the last loop and weave in the end.

Basic Bind-Off Knitting Tutorial | learnknittingonline.com


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