9 Things To Know About Knitting Needle Sizes

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Wooden knitting needles in various sizes with a text overlay which says "learnknittingonline.com, Knitting Health: 9 Things To Know About Knitting Needle Sizes, Before you go shopping, here's a quick rundown of facts about knitting." followed by the LKO lettermarkIf you are a beginner, you may think that knitting needle sizes don’t matter all that much. Not so fast, though, every size has a purpose and if you pick the wrong size needle, your project may not work out.

Before you dive into sizes, keep in mind that there are some facts to consider. Depending on where you live, needle sizes vary, and this can alter your decision. No need to worry, because we’ll break it down for you.

Here Are The 9 Things to Know About Knitting Needle Sizes

Fact #1: US sizes and metric sizes are both common

Not all US brands list their sizes in metric. The same is true for UK sizes or needles made in other countries that use the metric system. For example, a needle US size O is a 2mm metric size, or a UK size 14. Sounds confusing, right? It’s just a matter of checking online to make sure you have the right size.

As a quick tip, UK sizes are the opposite of metric and US, which means the bigger the number, the smaller the needle. Metric and US, increase in size as they do in number.

Fact #2: Sizes 000-1 (1.5 mm – 2.25 mm) are the smallest ones

These needles are extremely small, and if you are just starting with knitting, they may not be for you. These are usually reserved for intricate designs, lace, and very delicate fabric. This tiny size can make these needles challenging. Still, people find them extremely useful for these complex projects.

A stainless steel circular knitting needle size 1.5 mm
Example : HiyaHiya Stainless Steel Circular 1.5 40 In.

Fact #3: Sizes 1-3 (2.25 mm – 3.25 mm) are perfect for socks

If you are a beginner, socks are a good project. A good-sized needle you can use is between a 1 and a 3. You can find these needles useful for other items with similar yarn.

Five wooded double pointed needles
<a href=httpsshareasalecomrcfmb=1026079u=1264411m=72611urllink=www2Elionbrand2Ecom2Fproducts2Fbrittany2Dbirchwood2Ddouble2Dpoint2D12D53Fpr5Fprod5Fstrat3Dcollection5Ffallback26pr5Frec5Fpid3D467955403990126pr5Fref5Fpid3D477509477999726pr5Fseq3Duniformafftrack=Brittany20Birchwood20Double20Point target= blank rel=nofollow noopener sponsored>Example Brittany Birchwood Double Point Size 1 5 In<a>

Fact #4: Sizes 3-5 (3.25 mm – 3.75 mm) are very versatile

While these sizes are not as thin as 1-3, they are still thin needles. These needles are great for many projects, including socks, sweaters, blankets, beanies, and more. They are a bit bigger than others, so you can still handle them without trouble and create all sorts of projects.

Boye brand blue aluminum circular knitting needles in it's orange packaging
Example : Boye Aluminum Circular Knitting Needles

Fact #5: Sizes 5-7 (3.75 mm – 4.5 mm) are the best for hand health

These needles are light and comfortable, but slightly bigger, so they are great for a variety of things. Use these needles when making gloves, scarves, and sweaters.

Boye brand pink aluminum knitting needles in it's orange packaging
Example : Boye Aluminum Straight Knitting Needles

Fact #6: Sizes 7-9 (4.5 mm – 5.5 mm) are the most popular

This is sort of the medium size of all needles, which makes it extremely popular for all kinds of projects. You can pair these needles with all weighted yarn and handle them easily.

Lion Brand bamboo circular knitting needles in it's packaging
Example: Lion Brand® Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles

Fact #7: Sizes 9-11 (5.5 mm – 8 mm) are good for a quick, bulky project

This size is the universal one for quick projects. With needles this size, you can work faster than with any others, and you can use almost all types of yarn.

Bamboo circular knitting needle
Example: HiyaHiya US Bamboo Circular

Fact #8: Sizes 11-17 (8 mm – 12 mm) are perfect for extra-bulky fabric

If you like bigger projects, then this is the size for you. These needles work with most textures and fabric, but they will help out when it comes to super bulky fiber.

Stainless steel circular knitting needle
Example: HiyaHiya Sharp Stainless Steel Circulars

Fact #9: Jumbo sizes 17+ (12 mm+)

Anything 17 and above are considered jumbo-sized. You may not be able to handle these needles easily, as they are heavy and very big. Consider using plastic jumbo needles because they weigh less.

Clover brand jumbo bamboo knitting needles in it's packaging
Example: Clover Bamboo Single Point 10′ (size 19)

Time to pick out the right size for you and start those knitting projects you’ve been waiting for!

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