9 Phases Of A Knitting Addiction

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A woman holding knitting needles with a guilty expression with a text overlay which says "learnknittingonline.com, 9 Phases Of A Knitting Addiction, Do you always find yourself saying "one more row"?" followed by the LKO lettermarkIf you haven’t started yet, then having a knitting addiction seems impossible. However, if you are already an avid knitter, then you know that it is a very possible scenario.

Some people use knitting as a hobby, a way to unwind, and a pastime, but others quickly become immersed in the world of knitting 24/7.

These Are The 9 Phases of A Knitting Addiction

Stage #1: You have no real interest in knitting

In this stage, you probably have seen a person knitting but associate it with older, boring people. You don’t think about it at all, and it doesn’t interest you. Sometimes, your grandma, aunt, or a friend will knit something for you and while you think it is nice, it doesn’t spark much more.

Stage #2: You begin liking posts and content regarding knitting

Once you realize that a lot of people around you like to knit, you begin to like their posts and comments on the subject. It may seem false, but the interest is beginning to grow. During this phase, you may also begin to research how to knit, where you could find supplies, and how to begin.

Stage #3: You start looking for advice and supplies

While your interest in knitting grows, you turn to all the people you know that knit. You ask questions, seek advice, and try to dip your toes into buying supplies. If you don’t have a knitter that lives nearby, then you begin to look at social media and online resources.

Stage #4: You try it for the first time

Now that you have supplies and willingness, you are ready to start knitting. How exciting! You begin with lots of energy and hope, but the truth is, knitting is harder than it looks. You practice often and keep at it, to prove yourself and others that you can do it.

Stage #5: You finish a project and are finally proud of it

Try after try, you manage to finally finish a product and be proud of it. You may have completed your first scarf, a pair of socks, or maybe even some baby boots for your nephews. You want to share it with the world and can’t wait to continue knitting.

Stage #6: You succumbed to a knitting addiction

Since completing a project and feeling proud, you seek the same feeling. You are now completely committed to the effort. You knit all day every day when possible, you buy a new yard, new needles, and get more complex with your projects.

Stage #7: You want to improve

In this stage, nothing seems impossible. You look for new guidelines, instructions, ideas, and inspiration. You are ready to become an expert and surprise your loved ones with complex-knitted products.

Stage #8: You have more yarn than you could ever use

A true knitting addict has more yarn than ever imaginable, and you find yourself looking to buy more and more! You research yarn and you think of what you can make with it all the time. It’s possible you already have a dedicated space at home just for your yarn, or maybe even an entire room.

Stage #9: You tell everyone about your addiction

There is nothing to be ashamed of, you are a knitting addict and you want everyone to know. You admit your habit and how it consumes you. Others may ignore you, others may ask for knitted gifts. In the end, you are now in love with knitting!

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  1. Love the article! I am totally a 9, and I can relate to every step. Thanks for the memories!

  2. OMG! I am a knitting addict, stage #9…I love it! 😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Woznick Danna

    Covid did a job on me in many ways and knitting was a wonderful way!! Gave me more free without guilt time. Also gave me time to go outside the comfort zone because I could rip back if needed !!’ Made so many things for dear friends to help them cope and was so exciting to venture out into new patterns. Now getting back to more out of house routine and slowly getting gifts for others done. Now for me if possible after almost three years doing more for other’s !!! Again no guilt and will continue to enjoy making for others but time for me this next year. 🌺💕

  4. Nicky wellstood

    I’m a total knitting addict state 9 with enough yarn and patterns to start my own shop lol

  5. Judy Godsmark

    I’m more than a knitting addict, I’m obsessed, gone right past 9 to at least a 12!!

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