8 Things Only Knitters Know

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Two women knitting while chatting and a text overlay which says "Knitting Humor: 8 Things Only Knitters Know, learnknittingonline.com," followed by the LKO lettermarkOnce you are a knitter, you become part of a special private club and will start to figure out things only knitters know. It may take some time to get used to knitting big projects, different styles, or using certain needles, but once you are a knitter, you will forever be one.

So, what makes knitters special? Knitters are dedicated, resilient, and creative. Still, every day you will learn new things and if you are part of the community, then you will continue to swap secrets forever.

Without further ado, here are:

The 8 Things Only Knitters Know

#1. Everyone has a knitting mentor

Whether it is someone who introduced you to knitting, a friend, neighbor, or a stranger, you will always remember your knitting mentor. Some may think they don’t have one, but they may find that they watch YouTube videos, or go to forums for advice, or even read blog posts often.

A knitter will never forget those that taught them how to get through that first really hard tutorial or messed up stitch.

#2. Your first scarf or knitted sweater is a trophy you carry around

Who isn’t proud of their first knitted product? As a knitter, you surely remember that time when you completed your first scarf and then proceeded to carry it out everywhere, showing everyone with pride.

#3. That first scarf becomes history after a few tries though

Just as quickly as you learned to knit, you become a pro at knitting and can make that scarf easily, almost with your eyes closed. This means you will soon be knitting more complex projects and carrying those around with pride instead.

#4. Leaving a stitch in the middle of a row is always troubling

Who remembers what direction they were going in when you leave a stitch right in the middle of a row? This is maybe one of the knitter’s worst nightmares.

#5. Knitters can multi-task, but don’t ask them what TV show or movie was on

As a knitter, you are used to knitting everywhere, from the doctor’s office, to the bus stop, and at home while you watch television. Yet, you also know that most of the time, knitting consumes more than 50% of your attention, so you may not remember what show was on or what the movie you were watching was about.

#6. You have tons of yarn stored from those first days

A beginner knitter is known for buying tons and tons of yarn those first few times. There are so many colors, styles, lengths, and you just can’t help yourself but buy all of the yarn, even when you don’t need it.

#7. Knitting can keep you calm, even in the most stressful of times

Who hasn’t knitted on a plane? Or in the hospital waiting room? Or even when watching the news? Knitting can save your sanity and keep you calm, even during the worst of times.

#8. You get multiple requests for Christmas and birthdays

Since everyone knows you knit, many expect knitted presents for Christmas and birthdays. While you enjoy knitting for others, you also know how time-consuming these projects can get.

There are many more things only knitters know! What are some of your best-kept secrets as a knitter? Let us know! 

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  1. I loved the article “8 things knitters know”. I can relate to every one of them. Thank you!

  2. You are so right about buying too much yarn in the beginning. Why did I think I needed so much in so many colors? I have literally run out of places to store it! I also just had to have needles in all sizes as well! The excitement of learning to knit must be the contributor.

  3. I do know what TV show was on. I knit and watch while knitting simple pattern.

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