10 Things To Know About Yarn Bowls

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A yarn placed in an elegant wooden yarn bowl and a text overlay which says "Knitting Humor: 10 Things To Know About Yarn Bowls, learnknittingonline.com" followed by the LKO lettermarkIf you like knitting, then you will love yarn bowls. You may not know it yet, but after reading this article, a yarn bowl will soon become a staple in your home.

These bowls are just what you need if you are tired of having balls of yarn everywhere, creating a mess, and leaving you untangling yarn for hours.

No matter if you are an avid knitter, or just a beginner, these bowls can be a lifesaver in many situations. But there are some tips to consider before you go all-in on one.

Let’s get to it! These are the 10 things to know about yarn bowls:

Fact #1: They are the perfect way to get your yarn organized

A yarn bowl is meant to keep yarn in one place, and it can be called a yarn holder bowl or knitting bowl.

Most of these bowls have a swirled cut on one side, which allows for the thread of string to go through it. Once you pull the yarn, it will act as a guide and can feed you the yarn.

Fact #2: You will have more free space to work with

A yarn bowl has the perfect weight to keep the ball of yarn from rolling around and getting all tangled. The high sides on the bowl stabilize it, and you won’t have to hold it on your lap.

Fact #3: They come in many styles

Who says these bowls can’t be practical and stylish? You may want to try this rosewood yarn bowl for a beautiful wooden tool that looks stylish.

Wooden yarn bowl made out of rosewood on a white background
Rosewood Yarn Bowl
by Amazon

Maybe, you’re more of a handmade wooden bowl kind of person. It’s both stylish and homey.

Handmade wooden yarn bowl on white background
Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowl

Even if you want something that looks like it was meant to decorate your living room, then you can try this wood stained yarn bowl.

Wood stained yarn bowl on a white background
Wood Stained Yarn Bowl

And how about one that can go in your kids’ room? This sleepy sheep ceramic bowl is perfect for that!

Sheep Ceramic Yarn Bowl on white background
WHAT ON EARTH Sleepy Sheep Ceramic Yarn Bowl Knitting Bowl

Or perhaps you have a daughter learning to knit? This unicorn yarn bowl is the best one around.

Ceramic Unicorn Yarn Bowl on white background
Evovee Ceramic Unicorn Yarn Bowl for Knitting

These bowls aren’t meant to be just a tool. There are many colors, materials, styles, and shapes to choose. No matter which one you go with, keep in mind that the style shouldn’t compromise the usability of the bowl.

Fact #4: They keep things clean

Knitting bowls aren’t just meant to keep things organized, but also clean. If you keep your yarn in these bowls, it won’t hang around on a table or the floor, collecting dirt and dust.

Fact #5: The holes in the bowl also have a purpose

If you see yarn bowls with holes in them, then you should know that they have a purpose. These holes are meant to carry your knitting needles when you are not using them.

You can also thread each yarn through each hole, which is great for stranded knitting. Finally, these holes also help keep the yarn organized, even as it gets smaller.

Fact #6: The material matters

While it is nice to have a knitting bowl that is stylish and looks good, you should also keep in mind that some materials are better suited for you than others. Some yarn bowls are made with wood, pottery, plastic, or metal, all of which can have their benefits and downsides.

If you choose wood, this will last longer, but you should make sure it is smooth so the yarn comes out easily. Rough edges catch and ruin your yarn. Pottery bowls are very pretty and smooth, but they can break easily, and sometimes they can get dirtier than others.

When it comes to plastic, these are practical, but not necessarily the prettiest, and can discolor easily too. Metal bowls can be a little too heavy sometimes, but they last longer than any other bowl.

Fact #7: Take the weight of the bowl into account too

Picking the right one depends on what yarn weight you typically use. For example, when you use 300 yards of a heavy yarn, you will need a big bowl that can hold it all in place.

Fact #8: If you knit with multiple colors at a time, choose a bowl that can hold them at the same time

When you work with multiple skeins of yarn for creating different patterns and colors, then you will need to choose a bowl that can hold multiple skeins. These often have two openings on the side, which allows you to knit two colors at the same time, without twisting the yarns together and keeping things clear cut.

Fact #9: Go with a tall bowl

Not everyone thinks of this, but a bowl with a taller side is great because it can keep yarn balls from falling off the bowl, especially if you are a fast knitter, or pull too hard.

Fact #10: Using a yarn bowl is not too hard

It may seem like you have a lot to consider before you start knitting and using a yarn bowl, but in reality, these are not hard to use at all.

Start by putting your ball or skein of yarn in the bowl. You should then take the end of the yarn you are working with and wrap it through the swirl cut on the side, or slip it through one of the holes.

If your bowl has holes for needles, you can place them there for storage. Now, you are ready to start knitting and never lose your place, or tangle the yarn you are using!

Time to get shopping for a yarn bowl!

As you can see, yarn bowls aren’t just a useful tool; they are incredibly helpful and good-looking as well. Take these tips into account next time you go shopping for them. Just keep in mind that what matters most is that it works for you and the type of projects you like to knit.

Now that you’re aware of these yarn bowl facts, why not get yourself one today?

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